1640 has been known to be a reference point in the West Coast of the Maltese Islands, for the island’s largest burger and heavenly crispy Pizzas in a unique wine bar setting. 1640, owes its modest origin as one of the few 17th century ‘Kerrejja’ in the lovely quiet village of Dingli. Throughout the years this historic property, hosted many families growing up to the authentic taste of Maltese dishes prepared by the resourceful and skilled housewives. In 2007, we have launched a take away with a difference focusing on genuine ingredients, good wines and above all, a passion to provide the best hearty food in the West of the Maltese archipelago. Our newly opened venue is much larger and is home to two different experiences. The Take-Out by 1640 on the ground floor and the 1640 Grill-Chill on the first, second and third floor.

The Take-Out by1640

Some say we have one of the best pizzas on the islands but we prefer saying we do have a modest good tasting crispy crust with a myriad of original toppings and quality ingredients that are worth the carb-sin every single time. 

Our Burgers ?

Prefabricated commercial junk food days are over and today, everyone’s outlook towards fast food is defined by a focus on genuine produce and knowledge on the derivation of ingredients. A tempting treat does not have to be unhealthy or boring. 
If we have to be honest, most menus around the islands are nearly identical. 
We are investing in a lot of time to produce original homemade patties from top quality ingredients and branded brioche buns. All our patties are handcrafted on the same day using minced Angus beef.  

Local farmers, farm owners. butchers and bakers have become partners in crime and see us at their stalls on a daily basis as we scout for the best ingredients to provide you the best burgers this region can produce.

Our Signature Dishes?

We can easily claim that we came up with monster burger concept way back in 2007 and soon after, launched the Godzilla and King Kong extravagant burgers way before all the burger fever started to take over the islands over the past few years. Surely this carnivore’s wet dream is still gracing our menu.  
Innovation – 
We are proud to be Malta’s first take out business to introduce our special medieval stews to take away as you gaze over the picturesque Dingli Cliffs sunset. All tucked nicely in a 1640 branded Maltese Hbejza, our authentic stews are becoming a trend with youths as they are craving for something different yet ingrained in our history and regional ancestry. The walls of our venue date back to the 17th century, thus our name, 1640 is the natural hub of tradition and modern innovation that respects the ethos and culture of our host village, Dingli. We are also firm believers in sustainability and being the first-ever wine bar and reference point for take-outs in Dingli since 2007, we feel a sense of social responsibility thus our corporate decision to invest in environmentally friendly packaging and other cultural initiatives that contribute to the local community.  

1640 Grill-Chill Concept

We thrive to offer a 360-degree casual yet stylish dining experience that entertains all the senses. Starting from the materials used in the finishings up to the plating, we narrate a story that is intended to remain chiseled in ones memory. Being located just a few hundred meters away from the cliffs and Buskett Gardens we specialize on terrestrial gastronomy mostly revolving around fresh vegetables, local game and good genuine meat. 

Group dining and nibble options is becoming more of a headache as time passes by and although a lot of restaurants struggle or try to keep up with the demand few are those who focus on this market segment. 

Most restaurants are asked to become venues for parties, baby showers, hence parties etc and most end up going to illegal venues off the beaten track. The 1640 grill chill is not only central and accessible but we have designed our venue from the onset to revolve around this requirement. 

Eating around a large table has been craved for since primordial times and the bonds built over a large table instills a unique atmosphere. Moreover with today’s dependence on technology and addiction to smartphones, few are the places that offer this experience of private dining areas that provoke healthy exchanges and sharing of plates. We do have wifi connection but our forte is the real connection built around a table with fellow colleagues or family members.


The old wooden beams and medieval construction were complimented by the use of wood and moss to create a warm cosy atmosphere. The niches dug up to host oil lamps for light centuries ago, are now hosting bulbs emitting low-intensity lights to replicate the concept whilst an industrial look was introduced by the use of steel piping. The tables are also an amalgamation of wood and steel reflecting warmth (wood) and rigil functionality (steel) Our chairs come from the world’s mecca for fashion, Italy and the green velvet chiars not only amplify luxury but provide comfort and support. The use of the ‘xoqqa’ or hair cloth fabric resonates the agricultural characteristics of the surroundings. This fabric is the same used by farmers or shepherds that use the same cloth to store vegetables and cover other items in their field rooms.